Beverley, Northcliff - 24 June 2020


"We've been very pleased with your product and service and will happily recommend your company.."

Peter, Craigavon - 21 January 2020 (repair)


"Quick mail to say thank you for fixing the torn corner on the shade sail. It is very difficult to find truly great service and professional work nowadays but you guys are nailing it."

Francois, Lonehill - 12 November 2019


"Thank you very much for the work done. I have had a look at it and it looks like your team did a great job. We do appreciate your promptness and professionalism in dealing with us."

Shiraz, Houghton - 29 June 2020


" Thanks again for a job excellently done. It looks really good! 👌🏻."

Bev, Bryanston - 18 March 2019


"My sincere thanks to Sean and his team for a great job.  It was a pleasure having them on site, and I am delighted with my new carport roof.  What a difference, not only in terms of light, but also heat!"

Raymond, Cosmo City - 7 June 2019


"Thanks for the professional service."

Mohammed, Morningside - 6 April 2019


"Thanks for a wonderful job!!!! Looks stunning."

Tristan, Atlasville - 30 May 2019


"Work is fantastic and we are really happy!"

Ignatius, Bryanston - 18 March 2019


"...Maar dit wil gedoen wees! Baie mooi en baie dankie!"

Andre, Greenside - 16 January 2019


"Just a note to convey our appreciation on a job well done! Fast, efficient and reliable service. Excellent!!

We will, without hesitation recommend you."

Adrian, Rivonia - 9 January 2019


"Fits perfectly. Great job all-round. Many thanks."

Peter, Craigavon - 23 August 2019


"Thanks for the job done! Awesome to receive good service

and work done. It doesn't happen very often."

El, Blackheath - 23 January 2020


"Thank you very much for your professional service."

Stephanie, Melville - 28 August 2019


"Thanks for always keeping me posted and to Sean and team for a very neat no nonsense job... You guys rock!"

Liz, Kya Sands - 26 January 2018


"You guys are so awesome. Thank you so much for everything.

 I'm really impressed. Will def use you guys again!"

Imtiaz, Bez Valley - 14 February 2020


"Thanks for the excellent service and workmanship. We will keep in touch. Take care."

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